Community Participation


At Choice Enabled, there is so many ways for you to meet people, try new things and have fun!

What activities will I get to do?

It’s completely up to you. What would you like to try? You might decide to join a club, play sport, or go to the gym. Maybe you want to try a new hobby such as dancing, surfing, drama, photography, or music classes. Or, does hanging out with some friends at BBQs or movie night’s sound more like your thing? The choice is yours

Can Choice Enabled help me go on holidays ?

Yes, we sure can. If you want to get away for a few days and explore, we can help you plan a holiday! And, if you need support while you’re away, we can connect you with organizations that specialize in this service.

Keep in mind: The NDIS does not cover costs of any airfares, tickets, accommodation, and activities for both yourself and any support staff.

For what reason is network cooperation significant?

  • The Productivity Commission report said tending to the generally lower levels of network investment and incorporation for individuals with incapacity will have significant advantages.

  • The Productivity Commission detailed:

  • It can prompt improved prosperity results for individuals with incapacity and their carers (according to wellbeing, work, training, salary and life fulfillment results).

  • It can reduce longer-term care and bolster costs for individuals with inability and it might forestall individuals who have unassuming disability care and bolster needs from requiring all the more exorbitant degrees of care and backing.

For instance:

  • The arrangement of available open or network transport for individuals with incapacity can decrease the requirement for them to utilize taxis and the related expenses of taxi vouchers.

  • The structure of malls, available to open or network transport, empowers individuals with disability who can utilize open vehicle to be free and shop for them. They don't need to depend on others to shop for their benefit.

  • The arrangement of direction and portability administrations for individuals with moderate degrees of vision hindrance can diminish the probability of them falling or having mishaps, prompting further disability or weakness.

  • Backing for individuals with incapacity and careers is likewise liable to have monetary advantages, expanding support in the workforce..

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